Sunday, 11 June 2017

                                                 Day 9

                Yesterday I chose to break my self- imposed rules. Just for the one day. Why?
                 I have read that this kick starts the metabolism. It also gives a mental break and
                 possibly helps with the discipline of the rest of the week. So how did it go?
                 Not well. I started with grapes (notice a theme here?) and enjoyed a falafel and
                 chickpea bagette whilst shopping for bedroom accessories with the eldest daughter.

                 I love bread so later, back at home had more, 2 toasted baps and a tuna roll made
                 with soft lovely  fresh french bread. Quickly slipped into the old pattern of, "well
                 as today is ruined I had better make the most of it and eat everything I won't be
                 allowed tomorrow.  Foolish eh?

                 Must I continue with the embarrassing revelations? Yes.
                 My gluttony included 2 small dark chocolate bars, 2 mini raspberry magnums and
                 the rest of the grapes. The remains of some chocolate yoghurt the girls had left.

                 I made myself eat up until midnight. I felt foul and very tired and drained. Bread
                 does seem to have this effect on me.

                 Well this morning I awoke early because my hobby interest meant going off to
                 compete in sunny Wales. The usual thoughts of diet and guilt were there bothering me
                 and I could easily have given up again. But I haven't. And my uniform was definitely
                 looser and better fitting than last Sunday. My jacket could do up without looking
                 ridiculous and my trousers were very comfortable.

                 I feel confident and those diet thoughts have vanished again. On with the 1, 2, 3.
                 This way of eating does seem to be working for me. Will I binge next Saturday?
                 I'm not sure. I felt horrible physically and fed up emotionally. I'll leave it open for now.

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