Monday, 5 June 2017

                                                         Day Three

                I've been so determined and stuck to my 123 self imposed rules. My waist has not
                shrunk  (boo) but I can already feel a looseness around the thighs of my work trousers.
                The first day was the hardest and if this blog did not exist I would have probably sunk
                my teeth into some cheese on toast. But I didn't.

                So why is this time going to work?  Because it is. Because I became so miserably
                conscious of the continual moan of negative thoughts. I'm not even that large. I'm just
                under 5 foot 4 and am probably a UK size 12 if I'm honest. Which is why none of my                           clothes fit as they are all a 10.

                I'm post menopausal but I'm not buying into the myth that women over 40 have to                               deteriorate into pudgy messes. So who is with me?

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