Friday, 9 June 2017


                                               Day Seven

            Still here and still on it one week later. OK I did have a little cheat last night and again
            this morning but it was only a handful of grapes.

            Sometimes there has been a temptation and a hint of boredom but it struck me this
            morning that my first thoughts are no longer the "what can I eat today?" obsession.

            This 1,2, 3 is working for me. (Hey a new mantra!).  Analysing why, I think it is there
            is a freedom to eat anything on my list. I'm not minimizing portions or snacks and
            if the meals are a little strange that's fine because they are filling and I believe nutritious.

            I don't own scales and am relying on the fit of my clothes and yes there is a difference.
            My trousers feel loose around the thigh area and I caught my self hoiking up the waist-
            band today.  I'm sat right now waiting for some eggs to boil which I will have with the
            contents of a small tin of tuna, beans and chilli. I found them in Aldi this week in a
            packet of three and tried them for the first time. Ideal snack.

            I've felt slightly tempted sometimes this week but have stuck with it because I don.t
            have to think about it. I don;t feel deprived and I do like the slight looseness of my
            clothes. Have I convinced you to try it too?

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