Saturday, 3 June 2017

                                                    Hello and Welcome

            I've had enough. Enough of constantly thinking about losing weight. Enough of failing at
            the end of another day because I've stuffed myself .  So this is it. Publicly announce it.

            Do you know what has really got to me?  The sheer waste of my life.
            Of all that TIME just nagging away when I could have been creating and actually being                 present in my life.

            I once read the saddest words are "if only...".  Well no more. I'm doing this.
            Are you with me?

            1) Eat vegetables.
            2) Eat eggs
            3) Eat fish

            Drink coffee with full fat milk.  Drink Water.

            That is it. Until I can pull on my favourite trousers with ease. Until I know I look damn
            fine in my underwear.

            There is enough research to say the short fast weight loss may be the best long term
            solution  and this is what will work for me. I've tried cutting down but I can't. One bad
           day means the end of all those slow results.

            Here goes Day 1.


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