Saturday, 17 June 2017

                                                  Day 15
                                                Free Day!

            Exactly two weeks since I started. Yes I am smaller and feel slightly better about
            myself although I'm nowhere near my preferred shape (yet).

            I've just had a banana and trust me I will not be eating either eggs or fish today!
            During the week I resisted chocolate muffins and jam doughnuts brought into work.
            I'd have loved a piece of hot buttery toast or a cool creamy yoghurt.

            I'll confess to scoffing raspberries and strawberries as we picked them out of our
            garden. So nice still warm from the sun. Tonight I'm looking forward to a glass of
            homemade raspberry wine, given to me by a neighbour.

           Will I continue? Yes. The first thoughts I had this morning were about what I could
            or should eat and self critical spite about the roll of fat still around my tummy.
            These thoughts subside during the other days as there is no question about what I
            am allowed and even better, no restriction. Believe me I have eaten loads and had
            late night snacks of roasted vegetables. They were done in olive oil (the real deal,
            full fat sort).

           Good luck to anyone joining me on finding freedom from the constant yo yo diets.

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