Wednesday, 14 June 2017

                               Doing well although right now I would love a glass of wine!

                  Resisted some Blueberry muffins at work yesterday. They looked lovely.
                  I've mentally added one to my list of things I'm allowed on Saturday.

                 Having one day off a week really does help fend off some of the cravings, none
                 of which are hunger. It's all mental desires. Eating with my eyes.

                 On the up side I am wearing my old work jeans which had become far too tight
                 to be bearable. They are snug but not stupidly so. I will admit to an unsightly
                 bulge over the waist band which is nicely hidden by my top (I hope!).

                 This 1, 2, 3 does suit me though. Slim figure here I come...


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